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Know Google I/O Conference 2018 Key Points

Google  developer conference puts the focus on upcoming products from the company.
Android P, which will be it latest opertion system for mobile services, will be one of the main highlights of google's conference.

Let us point out the top key notes of the event.

a) Android P features  are unveiled, three button navigation is gone, digital dashboard is introduced. Ability to set time limit of individual apps.

b) Google Assitant has got six new additional voices.

c) GOogle will be launching smart displays with google assistant in this july.

d_ Gmail has goa new smart reply feature.

e)google maps i getting makeover to become more lika social experience with unique features like "For you" tab that helps you search businesses neary by you.

f) Google lens can now copy a text from real world objects using camera app and use it on the phone.

Hope Google fans and users will use these updates  to make our lives easy and more efficient

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